MUSEKO can design and build permanent, temporary and travelling exhibits. The exhibition design services we provide include:

  • Ground-plans and interior design solutions
  • Graphic design principles for the exhibition
  • Visitor journey maps
  • Technical solutions for exhibits
  • Furniture and furnishing design
  • Lighting solutions for exhibits
  • Way-finding and signage systems
  • Product design

If you find that the service you are looking for is not included in this list, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide you with any additional services

How to make it work?

We love exhibits that are technically complex and challenging. A room full of engineers are eager to devise custom mechanics, electronics or whatever is needed to make stuff work.

How to build it?

Everything we design we also can produce and assemble, no matter the material or location.

How to keep it working?

Nothing lasts if it’s not maintained properly. Our production comes with a warranty and we can offer maintenance for the whole lifespan of the exhibition.

How to use it?

We know how to use the space and objects for maximum effect and bind them together with content.

What’s the point?

Concept development or idea generation can be the most fun part of the whole exhibition design process, but the trick that we have mastered is to not lose sight of the cost and plausibility while doing it.

How to show it?

A picture can say more than thousand words and a video more than thousand pictures. Animations just look really cool and have thousands of possibilities. We make them all from small productions to movie stunts.

How to play it?

Virtual reality and videogames in all of their variations are a part of our portfolio. For best results we like to connect them with mechanical elements.

How does it look like?

We draw. We style. We brand.

From digital user interfaces to physical signs and info graphics.

How to hack it?

Doesn’t everything have a chip and a program in it? We know how to teach it tricks.

Bells and whistles?

Smoke and mirrors. Bells and whistles. In addition to these old school effects we do projections, 3D mapping and even theme songs.